<em>Marketplace</em> Report on DNA Sequencing Features CHOP Doc

Apr 16 2013

Marketplace Report on DNA Sequencing Features CHOP Doc

DNA sequencing

Nancy B. Spinner, PhD and her husband, Ian D. Krantz, MD

Check it out! A report on American Public Media’s Marketplace on DNA sequencing and its effect on (and creation of) personalized medicine — “the next big thing in health care” — featured input from CHOP’s Nancy B. Spinner, PhD.

Along with her husband and fellow geneticist Ian D. Krantz, MD, Dr. Spinner has been examining the ethical issues associated with the knowledge gene sequencing brings. Both doctors were recently in the running for the Time 100Time Magazine’s annual list of influential people from around the world.

DNA sequencing “is truly amazing. It has completely changed the kind of experiments we can do,” Dr. Spinner told Marketplace.

To read or listen to the full Marketplace report, click here.