CHOP Geneticists to Be Featured on <em>Religion & Ethics Newsweekly</em>

Jan 25 2013

CHOP Geneticists to Be Featured on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

Stay tuned! The work of married CHOP geneticists Ian D. Krantz, MD, and Nancy B. Spinner, PhD, will be featured on PBS’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly this Friday, January 25.

The program will air online ahead of its being shown on television. See below for a preview of the segment. We’ll also be sure to update this space with the full video once it goes online.

Drs. Krantz and Spinner were also the subject of a recent Time magazine article that highlighted their work examining the ethical issues associated with the knowledge gene sequencing brings.

“By the end of this decade, we anticipate that genomic sequencing will be readily available for the diagnosis of pediatric disorders,” Dr. Krantz has said. “Our goal is to help make the information-sharing process systematic, thoughtful, and sensitive to the needs and desires of patients and families.”