Offers Expert Tips in Spanish

Jun 4 2014 Offers Expert Tips in Spanish

AftertheInjuryA growing number of Spanish-speaking families in the United States look for health and parenting information online. Each year 8 million children – including nearly 1 million Hispanic children –experience an injury that requires emergency room care or a hospital stay. A team of experts at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia launched a new Spanish-language website,, to help Spanish-speaking parents help their children recover after an injury.

The website is a comprehensive free resource for parents, developed by a team of pediatricians, psychologists, trauma surgeons and trauma nurses, based on more than a decade of research on childhood injury and its emotional effect on kids and their parents.

“With all the doctors and nurses who treat a child when he or she is first hurt, it’s still parents who play the most important role in their child’s physical and emotional recovery,” said Flaura Koplin Winston, MD, PhD, a pediatrician, director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention and co-developer of the English and Spanish websites. “Medical care is often brief, and parents may have questions later and not know where to turn. We created this site, with the guidance of parents, to help them find the information they want, exactly when they need it.”

Researchers at CHOP have developed and tested ways to identify traumatic stress reactions in Spanish- and English-speaking children. Based on the latest research, the team has created a wide range of Spanish and English tip sheets for children and parents about dealing with injury, illness, and being in the hospital. includes expert advice on everything from how to handle a hospital visit, to cast care and pain management, to what to do if a child is having nightmares after an accident.

For more information about emotional reactions to injury or to download resources and tip sheets, visit or

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