‘Perfect Storm’ May Be at Play in ADHD, Teen Driving

Aug 20 2013

‘Perfect Storm’ May Be at Play in ADHD, Teen Driving

ADHDThere is convincing evidence that individuals – including teens – with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are at heightened risk for unsafe driving behaviors. Despite a “perfect storm” of inexperience, adolescence, and ADHD that increases crash risk, only emerging research about potential interventions exists for these teens with ADHD.

This can be frustrating for both parents and clinicians who frequently discuss the risk of driving with these teens but have little information to offer about specific ways to keep them safe.

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention’s (CIRP) Flaura Winston, MD, PhD and Catherine McDonald, PhD, RN address this need head-on in an editorial in JAMA Pediatrics. They recommend a tailored individualized approach to prevent serious crashes for teens with ADHD and for teens that perform risky driving behaviors (such as texting while driving).

For more information, visit CIRP’s blog.