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Jan 30 2015

Bridging the Gap Between Womb and World

Investigators at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are on the cusp of an innovative approach to caring for preterm babies, one that could radically transform the way they are treated and significantly improve their outcomes.

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Jul 10 2014

Electrocardiogram Use Varies for Infants With ALTEs

The most common underlying diagnoses related to ALTEs are gastroesophageal reflux and upper respiratory illness. Clinicians also consider cardiac causes, but no standardized method is used to evaluate patients with ALTEs, especially with regard to electrocardiograms (ECGs) as a diagnostic tool.

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Mar 22 2013

Research Links Attention, Slower Gaze Shifting in Infants Who Develop Autism

Children who are later diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder have subtle but measurable differences in attention as early as 7 months of age, a new study shows. Infants who went on to be diagnosed with autism are slower to shift their gaze from one object to another, according to the researchers, who identified specific brain circuits that seem to cause the slower response.

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