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Jun 04 2013

Autism Expert Consulted for Placenta Study Coverage

Tara Wenger, MD, PhD, a Pediatric Genetics fellow in the Center for Autism Research, was recently featured in a number of articles about an exciting new study of autism.

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Mar 22 2013

Research Links Attention, Slower Gaze Shifting in Infants Who Develop Autism

Children who are later diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder have subtle but measurable differences in attention as early as 7 months of age, a new study shows. Infants who went on to be diagnosed with autism are slower to shift their gaze from one object to another, according to the researchers, who identified specific brain circuits that seem to cause the slower response.

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Jan 18 2013

Study Finds Some Children Can “Recover” from Autism

A new study verifies the long-controversial belief that a few children, in exceptional cases, can “recover” from autism. The study, which included CHOP’s Center for Autism Research, is the first solid science to confirm that, however rarely, with the help of behavioral therapy some children can make such great improvements that they no longer qualify as having autism.

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Jan 10 2013

Two Center for Autism Research 2012 Studies Highlighted

CHOP’s Center for Autism Research produced a number of breakthrough studies in 2012, two of which were recently highlighted by the scientific community. The advocacy organization Autism Speaks selected a Center for Autism Research study as one of its top discoveries of 2012, while another study, published in Trends in Cognitive Science, was one of the five most popular articles published in that journal in 2012.

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Dec 17 2012

Exploring the Relationship Between Autism and Anxiety

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) – a family of developmental disorders associated with complex social challenges – can be scary, and not just because autism’s causes remain largely unknown, or because effective treatments are elusive. Autism is also scary because its prevalence seems to be on the rise.

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