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Dec 17 2015

Mitochondria Affect How We Respond to Stressful Environments

New research suggests that the tiny structures inside our cells that generate energy, called mitochondria, may play a role in our mind-body interactions and how we respond to stressful environments.

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Dec 16 2015

Possible ‘Central Hub’ Proteins Found in Cancer Cell Growth

A study from researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia may add new lines to the textbook description of how cancer cells divide uncontrollably and develop into tumors.

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Nov 04 2015

Tiny Mitochondria Play Outsized Role in Human Evolution and Disease

Mitochondria are not only the power plants of our cells; these tiny structures also play a central role in our physiology. Furthermore, by enabling flexible physiological responses to new environments, mitochondria have helped humans and other mammals to adapt and evolve throughout the history of life on earth.

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Oct 20 2015

Young Investigator Seeks a Target for Targeted Neuroblastoma Therapy

It is scary to learn your child has neuroblastoma, a tumor of the peripheral nervous system that is the most common cancer in infants. It is scarier still when you get test results that show your child is in the half of neuroblastoma patients whose cancer is very aggressive and high-risk.

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Mar 23 2015

View Amazing Images in Honor of Brain Awareness Week

Neuroscientists worldwide celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Brain Awareness Week, March 16-22.

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