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Aug 26 2016

CHOP Research In the News: Allergies and Asthma, Arthritis, and Immunology of Inflammation

This week’s highlights are an alliterative array to close out the month of August, with a study linking asthma with other allergies and news on progress against arthritis in kids. Plus, an immunology discovery could lead to treatments for inflammatory disorders.

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Mar 09 2016

Coming in for a Landing: A Moonshot Initiative Q&A

Vice President Joe Biden’s ambitious “Moonshot” initiative is aimed at boosting and streamlining cancer research across the country. We asked Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko, PhD, chief of the Division of Cancer Pathobiology and an investigator for the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to share his thoughts on how this strategic plan is changing the landscape of pediatric cancer research.

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Dec 10 2015

Medicine’s Version of Santa’s Workshop: A Laboratory Medicine Q&A

Laboratory medicine specialists in pediatrics have a lot in common with Santa’s elves. They are less visible and receive far less of children’s attention than the ones who directly deliver gifts or bedside care, but their behind-the-scenes contributions are essential for the whole enterprise to function correctly. Just think how often you and your family …

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