Jul 29 2016

CHOP Research In the News: New Rare Disease, FA Woodstock, Bioengineering, and Protecting Toddlers from Child Abuse

CHOP Research In the NewsWelcome back to another weekly edition of our roundup of research news from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! One of the things that is so exciting about research at CHOP is that our researchers are working to improve the health and lives of children in such a broad range of ways. This week’s stories give a glimpse of that breadth, from reaching out to a rare-disease community of families at a grassroots festival, to bioengineering a molecule that could rapidly stop dangerous excess bleeding, to identifying a new rare syndrome caused by a genetic flaw in a fundamental cellular process, to developing evidence-based guidelines to consistently protect more infants and toddlers from child abuse. Read on for the details.

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Jul 26 2016

Nurses’ Unique Knowledge and Perspective Shines Through in Pediatric Research: A Nursing Research Q&A

nursing researchNurses have a distinct worldview and approach to patient and family care that is not reflected in other specialties. Nurses are the providers who spend the most time with patients, so they are the ones who see the issues and questions that arise. And they are the ones who often generate clinical research ideas to be explored by people like Anne Ersig, PhD, RN, a nurse researcher in the Center for Pediatric Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Cornerstone asked Dr. Ersig to share her thoughts on being a new member of this team and why research-based practice has become so important to pediatric healthcare in recent years.

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Jul 22 2016

CHOP Research In the News: ONC Award, Vision and Concussions, Raising 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Awareness

CHOP Research In the NewsOur weekly installment of In the News keeps an eye out for the latest research happenings. This week we’re excited to report on a second award for an innovative technology solution to access, filter, and harness emerging disease updates. A new study suggests that it is important to recognize vision problems after pediatric concussions and understand their implications for return-to-learn plans. And CHOP experts gathered in northern Italy to share expertise on a multisystem chromosome-based birth defect.

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Jul 19 2016

Five Ways to Help Study Participants Feel Like Research Heroes


By Chris Gantz, MBA, program manager, Clinical Research Support Office, Recruit Enhancement Core

A great deal of outreach and engagement needs to occur if we are to truly change how the public views research. In a recent blog post, I pointed out some of the reasons why people choose not to get involved in clinical research studies. I am always looking for practical ways to address these issues and often find creative ideas right around the corner. Here are some valuable insights that I’ve gathered from our clinical trial coordinators and study participants at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia about how researchers can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, barriers to recruitment and retention:

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Jul 15 2016

CHOP Research In the News: Trauma, Asthma, Autism Insurance Mandates, and Sexual Health

CHOP Research In the NewsSome people slow down in summer, but here at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, hot weather is no impediment to making research advances. This week, our roundup of CHOP research in the news covers a broad range of them. After first reflecting on how recent tragedies in the news affect us in our work and in our communities, we bring you the latest research on the varied costs of asthma care across different hospitals, the impact of state insurance mandates on autism diagnosis and treatment, and an intervention to improve sexual health and disease prevention among young African-American gay men.

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Jul 13 2016

How Warts Could Reveal the Immune System’s Tiny Flaws and Functions

immune systemMedical students have a classic rule of thumb on the subject of choosing their specialty: If you’re undecided between obstetrics and pediatrics, the moment of truth will happen right after you deliver a baby for the first time. In that exhilarating moment of helping a mother welcome a new life, do you want to stay as the obstetrician at the mom’s bedside, or do you want to follow the baby?

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Jul 11 2016

Capitalizing on the Research Potential of Mobile and Digital Technologies

mHealthBy Bryan A. Wolf, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the Research Institute

This spring, I had the pleasure of introducing the kickoff event for the new mHealth Research Affinity Group (RAG) in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. Many of us believe that mHealth tools — focused on mobile and digital health technologies including social media, smartphones, wearable devices, and more — are poised to transform the realm of clinical research. The level of engagement and interest in the research community at CHOP reflects that vast potential.

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Jul 08 2016

CHOP Research In the News: Asthma Insurance and Monitoring, Cancer Survivors’ Endocrine Abnormalities

CHOP Research NewsMany research projects aim to keep things on track, from healthcare expenditures to patients’ long-term health. This week’s In the News shares three timely examples, including a study that considered how hospital practice patterns may be influenced by patients’ Medicaid status, an innovative way to monitor asthma patients’ medication usage, and new evidence that demonstrates the importance of lifelong screening of childhood cancer survivors for endocrine abnormalities. Make certain that you know of the research happenings this week at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by reading on for more highlights.

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Jul 05 2016

On Your Skin, In Your Gut, and All Around: A Microbiome Q&A

microbiomeMicrobes are on us and in us, and researchers are increasingly becoming aware that they are a vital part of us. Across The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania a variety of research efforts are underway to understand these populations of bacteria, viruses, and other tiny life forms, known as the microbiome, and their impact on health. The Penn-CHOP Microbiome Program and the CHOP Microbiome Center, launched last year, have helped to coalesce these efforts locally. Nationally, studies of the microbiome are all the rage. This spring, the White House announced a National Microbiome Initiative to advance understanding of microbiomes to aid in the development of useful applications in multiple areas.

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Jul 01 2016

CHOP Research In the News: Big Efforts Aimed at Small Things

CHOP Research In the NewsTiny bacteria facing a big fight, newborns in families getting help with financial challenges, and tiny DNA molecules having a big impact on medicine, were all in the news this week. Read on for more about these top stories in our weekly roundup of research news from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For those of you in the U.S. celebrating Independence Day this weekend, we hope you have a healthy and safe holiday!

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