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Apr 15 2015

CHOP, Drexel, Hebrew University Research Partnership Honored

The Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce recently honored the joint research partnership among Drexel University, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the 2015 Yitzhak Rabin Public Service Award.

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Apr 14 2015

Stay in Touch With Safety During Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Teen driver safety researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at CHOP are studying common scenarios that involve serious hazards of distracted driving and how they affect novice drivers’ performance.

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Apr 13 2015

We Can Prevent Crashes: Driving Safety Expert Dr. Flaura Winston Visits Ireland

Flaura Winston, MD, PhD spoke to Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE Radio about a series of meetings at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland on preventing teen accidents and driving safety.

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Apr 03 2015

PolicyLab Paper Finds Millions of Children Still Impacted by Recession

A new report from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s PolicyLab and the advocacy organization First Focus found poverty, food insecurity, and housing instability are more prevalent than they were before the Great Recession.

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Apr 02 2015

Researchers Suggest NTRK3 Gene Mutation Contributes to Heart Defects

Researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are searching for genes that could be linked to the presence of heart defects, and they recently reported on mutations in the gene NTRK3.

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